Graveyard Mod

Does it bother you as well that a life simulator like "The Sims" doesn't really include any features related to death? The Sims just drop dead, the grim reaper picks them up and the Sims who are left get a sad moodlet for a few hours. I want death to be a part of life and have a long term effect. People that we loose are still a part of our life and loss has an effect on us. Addionally people were sad the paranormal pack didn't add a graveyard venue to add more haunted/occult gameplay. This mod focuses on two main aspects: expanding the gameplay focused on the end of the life of your Sims and add more occult gameplay.


Since loss is a sensitive topic my mod still sticks to the Sims gameplay and adds a little humor to lighten up the mood.


New Graveyard Venue

With this mod installed you can find a new venue type "Graveyard" in build mode.
This venue is special and will change during the night time. During the day is a calm place to remember the Sims you lost and spend some time reminiscing their life. Once the witching hour comes up the lights will start to flicker, fogs rolls upon the venue and ghosts will rise from their graves. Some Sims enjoy the adrenaline kick while others will be terrified.
If you have some of the modules installed you'll be able to encounter even more special Sims during the night!

You can read more about the different features below.

New NPCs

The core mod comes with three new NPC types:
- The Graveyard Keeper
- Graveyard Ghosts
- Graveyard Visitors

All of these NPCs have their own custom autonomy to act appropriately. The Graveyard Keeper is a special Sim called Micheal Lovett that will be created once you visit the Graveyard for the first time. You can also assign your own Sim as graveyard keeper through the cheats menu.

The graveyard keeper sells the new custom urns and tombstones that come with the mod. Additionally if you have Seasons or Eco Lifestyle installed, you'll be able to purchase Flower arrangements and candles from him and can see him craft them if you place the objects on your graveyard venue.

New Moodlets

While visiting the graveyard Sims will experience a variety of new moodlets. 
These moodlets depend on their traits, occult status and the time of day. Ghosts, Spellcaster and Vampires all have their own special moodlets. 
You can see a preview of some of these moodlets here but there are even more moodlets included.

Customize Urns & Tombstones

The mod adds new tombstones and urns that you can place your Sims remains in. There is one tombstone and one urn if you own the base game and two additonal tombstones plus one urn if you own the Vampires pack. CC Creators can create their own tombstones and urns and make them functional with my mod. A tutorial how to that can be found here.

These urns & tombstones work kinda like a storage chest. You can place your Sim's remains inside and all information and interactions will be transfered. If occupied and placed on a graveyard, haunted house or lot with the spooky lot trait these tombstones will generate fog during the night. Otherwise they work like the standard urns and tombstones that come with the game.

Remember the Sims you Lost

The mod adds some new interactions to tombstones and urns to help you remember the Sims you have lost.

Each interaction comes with it's own special effects and different outcomes.
These interactions are also available on the game generated urns and tombstones including pet urns/ tombstones.

Ask for Advice
You can gain different moodlets from asking for advice. There is also a special outcome to this interaction that is a bit rare. I'll leave it up to you to experience it yourself without spoilering it!

Tell About Life

Sims can tell the deceased about their recent life events. The speech bubbles are tied to moodlets your Sim currently has so e.g. if they're pregnant you might see a crib in the speech bubble. They will also get different moodlets from this interaction.

Drink to Memory

Your Sim will grab a drink and raise their drink to the memories they shared with the Sim!

Reminisce About Life

Reminiscing about the dead Sims life will allow you to gain different moodlets and will play the reminisce animation above the custom urns and tombstones!

Kick Tombstone

I brought this interaction back from Sims 2! You can kick tombstones of other Sims now but be aware that this won't end well sometimes and will trash your Sims reputation if caught. Oh and be aware of angry ghosts if you try this...

Place Gift
Allow  your Sim to place certain objects from their inventory close to the tombstone or urn.


You can pick and choose from these modules depending on the packs you have installed to further customize your experience. More modules will be added over time!


A tiny addon that enables the chance to encounter skeletons during the witching hour. These creatures are mostly harmless and funny but might still scare some of your Sims. Don't worry though - as soon as the sun comes up these will turn back to dust. 

Requires Jungle Adventure

Witches & Voodoo

Spellcasters love visiting the Graveyard during the night. Especially the skilled medium and spellcaster Olive Specter! Some might remember her from Sims 2. In my interpretation she is sort of a dark voodoo spellcaster that can be seen poking around her voodoo doll, summoning ghosts or practicing magic. You can buy weird oddities from her if you encounter her during the witching hour.
She might also be able to teach you some forbidden spells and potions in the future...

Requires Realm of Magic & Paranormal Stuff


The focus of this module is to add more realism and expand the grieving process after loosing a Sim. For now it only adds the ability to write and hold different types of eulogies but will be expanded in the future.
Some of the planned features include: funerals, five stages of grief, remembering Sims you lost, new social interactions, compatibility with the rememberance holiday tradition


This module brings the paranormal gameplay to your graveyards! Specters and accursed objects can spawn on the graveyard now. You can sense the serenity of the graveyard venue and influence it. The serenity level controls the spawning of specters and accursed objects.

Additionally Ghost Hunters (Sims in the Paranormal Investigator career) can be encountered during the witching hour now.

Requires Paranormal Stuff


The core mod is base game compatible. Some modules require certain packs so check those out before placing them in your game.

Additonally these mods are required to make everything show up correctly:

XML Injector by Scumbumbo

Pack Tests by Frankk

Venue List by Zerbu (you don't need the Venue changes package)


If you have LittleMsSam's venue mod you don't need the package by Zerbu - my venue is part of her venue list.

Same thing applies for some of the other mods that come with a venue list.

Module Requirements:
see Module descriptions!

Mod Conflicts

This mod is not 100% compatible with the mortem mod! Both mods attempt to do a similar thing just with a different approach (realistic vs. Sims style).
The mortem mod touches/ edits some resources my mod uses and prevents them from functioning in the correct way.

I highly suggest to pick ONE of the mods. I don't support using both mods together and won't add compatibility in the future.


Latest Version: V1.51
Latest Upload: 16.06.2022

Lot Recommendations

A list of some lots you can use for my mod if you're not a builder. If you want to submit your own lots please tag them with "ChippedGraveyards" so I can check them out!

Originally not build with the mod in mind but can easily be refurnished for it. This is also the lot I use for playtesting and to take screenshots for the mod:


A beautiful lot build by Fuchsiateasims. Needs some packs and uses a few CC-Items but captures the essence of an old cemetery perfectly:

Forgotten Hollow

A spooky graveyard build by Jezabeel.

Change Log

Version Changes Release Date
V1.0   2021-06-06

- Adding Thumbnail Overlay to objects
- Ghost shouldn't be obsessed with sleeping and napping in Coffins anymore (Vampire GP)

- Removed Graveyard Ghosts being affected by venue buffs
- Fixed LE from the Graveyard Keeper raking leaves


- Added a spawn point for the NPC Ghosts to the Dummy Tombstones so they can spawn from the Tombstone instead of running onto the lot



- Fixed several issues caused by the changes of the Cottage Living Patch
- Fixed a XML Injector bug that made the interaction to buy Urns/ Tombstones show up on wall sculptures
- Fixed the icon of the "Buy Urn / Tombstone" interaction
- Ghosts fade in while spawning now
- The venue items suggested make in build mode make more sense now
New Features
Added the ability to buy Urns & Tombstones to tablets

- Added a new interaction "Kick Tombstones" with several different outcomes
- added a first version of the Grieving Module that adds the functionality to write and hold eulogies. You can write an eulogy by selecting the option in the graveyard menu on any computer. Holding an eulogy can be done by using a microphone


- fixed Object tags so Urns and Tombstones from the Vampire pack should be available in the purchase pickers now
- removed two empty debug interactions from showing up on Tombstones

- Seances Circles will now be cleaned up once the sun comes up or you load onto the lot during the day
- Enabled the "Kick Tombstone" interaction on EA tombstones
- added a notification to the special outcomes of the "Kick Tombstone" and "Ask for Advice" interaction to make what's happening easier to understand 
- Cleaned up & changed some parts of the mod structure to get rid of unneccessary resources
- Renamed the Script! (DELETE THE OLD ONE!)

Paranormal Module
New Features

- added a serenity level to the Graveyard Lot (Important: You need to change the venue type to something else and back for the serenity level to be applied to a graveyard venue placed before this update)

- Added the Chance for Specters to spawn (type of specter depends on serenity level)

- Added the chance for accursed objects to spawn (depends on serenity level)

- the serenity level can be influenced the same way as it does on haunted houses
- Added a new Ghost Hunter NPC (no special NPC this time - any Sim in the paranormal investigator career can be picked for this role). The Ghost Hunter spends their time interaction with Specters, Ghosts and cursed Objects and will help you bring down the serenity level



-added missing objects back in 

Witches & Voodoo
- fixed missing resources for Olive Specter


- fixed two small tuning error related to notifications not being shown correctly




Updated for Werewolf Patch


Special Thanks to

This mod would not be possible without the amazing people who helped me test it, brainstorm ideas and fix issues! Credit for most of the writing goes to MumOfAllLions who wrote a lot of the moodlets and notifications you can seen in game. Alistu who created the Graveyard Keeper NPC. Ravasheen who helped me come up with the system of the customizable urns & tombstones. Panda who helped me understand how animations work in game. Frank who suffered through all my scripting questions and helped me set up the scripts of the mod. And of course MizoreYukii and all the people from the Creator Musings Discord who patiently talked me through fixing all problems I encountered.