- My Mods -

Down below you can find the categories of mods I created. 

Gameplay Tweaks

Tweaks to gameplay features and systems to make them more fun or challenging.

Gameplay Addons

Expand the existing gameplay by adding new things on to it.

Utility Mods

Mods required for other things to work or to make your life a little easier!

- Mod Status List -

Please note that this list only contains the mods released to the public so far and the version is always the latest public release!


Mod Name Latest Version Upload Date Patch  1.89
Gameplay Addons      
Club Activity: Summon Ghosts V1.0 28-01-2021 Compatible
Club Activity: Slow Dance V1.0 27-02-2022 Compatible
Club Activity: Drink Tea V1.0 27-02-2022 Compatible
Club Activity: Werewolves V1.0 19-06-2022 NEW
Functional Radiators V2.0 08-07-2021 Compatible
Happy Haunts - Graveyard Mod V1.51 16-06-2022 Updated
Haunted Locations V1.11 17-07-2021 Compatible
Holiday Tradition: Dancing V1.2 23-02-2022 Compatible
Paws & Claws      
Paws & Claws V3.1 08-02-2022 Compatible
Paws & Claws - M01: Animal Preferences V1.0 10-10-2021 Compatible
Paws & Claws - M02: Happy Hoppers V1.21 28-01-2022 NOT SUPPORTED AT THE MOMENT
Paws & Claws - M03: Animal Shelters V1.12 16-06-2022 Updated
Paws & Claws - M04: A Sim's best Friend V1.1 17-03-2022 Compatible
Lively Towns      
Lively Towns V1.2 17-07-2022 Compatible
Gameplay Tweaks      
Lifestyle Tweaks V1.0 24-05-2021 Compatible
Reminisce Override V1.1 11-11-2020 Compatible
Errands Tweak V1.0 20-02-2022 Compatible
Parenting Tweaks V1.0 01-11-2021 Compatible
Extended Opening Hours for Tartosa Market Stalls V1.1 01-03-2022 Compatible
Pets as Flower Pals V1.12 16-06-2022 Updated
Werewolf Tweaks V1.2 29-06-2022 Updated
Utility Mods      
Storytelling Toolkit V1.12 21-01-2021 Compatible
Chipped's Shared Tuning Collection  Coming Soon   Coming Soon   Coming Soon